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You Will Be In Hell On Earth If You Marry The Wrong Man Or Woman [Pastor David Ibiyeomie]


Be cautious of who you let into your life, be very cautious of who you let into your life. There are people ordained to influence you to the next level - may God help you find them

And don't forget some people can influence your downfall, so be cautious of who you let into your life David Ibiyeomie's important message. Watch The Video below

The truth is that, if one wrong person meets you wrong things will start happening and when one right person meets you right things will start happening in your life. On the other way round, when wrong people leave your life, wrong things will stop happening, these are reality to living, to life. So the relationship is very powerful in our individual's life

In the Bible, one Jonah in the boat is too much to destroy the whole boat and in another reality, as it was written in the Bible, that one Jesus in the boat is also good to keep the boat afloat, a Jonah will sink the boat, a Jesus will keep the boat

In life, you don't need more than one right person for your life to move up, 50 Friends who don't have anything to offer are not as important as one person who has something to offer, so choose who you associate with rightful

You will be in hell on earth if you marry the wrong man or woman is hell on earth: Pastor David Ibiyeomie also a televangelist continues praying for his listeners, in his declarations.

"May God never allow you to marry the wrong person". Don't rush again, don't say because I'm this old and not getting any younger, so anyone that comes I will manage "NO".

If you have stayed up to 40 years, don't manage, take your time to choose rightly and allow God, let God give you who will give you peace for the rest of your life, peace of mind is what most people care more about in marriage

Don't say I'm getting old, so anybody, anything that comes I will take, the answer is "NO" you shouldn't do that. As he rounds up his teaches with more prayers to his listener: Praying now in the name of Jesus"

The one that will move you to the next level, may that person come your way, someone that will shift you to the next level of success, I pray that God bring that person in the Name of Jesus and anyone not adding to you, God will take them off your life

Anyone not putting anything into your life, God will take them off your life. You will meet the right person in the name of Jesus
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