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The Courage Of Young Iranian Women In Fighting For Freedom



As saying goes!!! Freedom Is An Expensive Commodity, today we witness how courageous the Iranian women are in fighting for their freedom, many have been wounded, and over 50 plus of people have been reported dead in the past few days

Like ships passing in the night, the Iranian women and people are issuing for freedom just as we have politicians and a political party headed toward repression and morality policing by banning books and speech and the right to vote

The courage of young Iranian women in fighting for freedom in recent times, the people especially the women of Iran have been fighting for the freedom to live just like everyone women around the world, while the Iranian government has been oppressing its people and more hardening oppression to their Iranian women for decades

With the ongoing protest, it seems the Iranian women are fed up and they want a change from what they have been subjected to. So they have been protesting in the streets, many have been wounded and over 50 people reported to have been killed, and yet these Iranian women are not backing down. Their courage in fighting for freedom this time around is an inspiring reality to watch in recent times, as the young women keep pushing

Even when these women who are at the forefront of this fight endanger their life. They are risking their lives to stand up for what they believe in, and they are showing the world that they will not be silenced, not for a longer time anymore

Yes freedom is expensive and more deadly in some part of the world, but these Iranian women's courage is utterly inspiring as we hope the government listen to them, stop the killings, and grant them their request

The Story Headlines Says

They have been tearing off their headscarves and burning them in public, in protest at the killing in police custody of a young woman, Mahsa Amini, after she was arrested by "morality police" for supposedly improper hijab.

Young Iranians are just sick of the repression and hypocrisy of the Iranian regime. In my opinion the happening across the country, these should not be happening in our world of today, for goodness sake, this is the year 2022, the world should be more united while all focus should be on building one Human race

While the protest is going on. I'm struck that young Iranians are more likely in private to drink alcohol and ignore Ramadan fasting rules than in most other Muslim countries. The brutality and corruption of Iranian leaders have just discredited the regime.

It's striking that these protests aren't just in middle-class areas of Tehran, but also the religious city of Qom and the very traditional city of Mashhad.

The whole country is fed up, at the moment. The Iranian government is willing to shoot and kill, as they have ordered and it has managed to suppress previous protest movements.

Maybe it will again. But the one utterly clear thing is that these young Iranians fighting for freedom are on the right side of history. Let’s hope these courageous women finally get the freedoms they deserve - the same freedom Iranian men have.

All these happening, this came to note, why will the government who is supposed to protect lives and properties, turns to be the ones killing their people, the government that is supposed to listen to her people and see the best ways to make life and living easier for them turn to be the one frustrating and killing the innocent masses, ts indeed pathetic


The courage of these young women in the face of absolute oppression is truly awesome, and I hope fervently that they will not be harmed further. I wonder what we in America and the rest of the world offer support to these brave young Iranian women??!

As the protest escalates, Let’s hope the government listens to the people and give Iranian women the freedom their clamor for. From all of us, our Prayer and support is with the protesting Women as we believe that a better world for all people irrespective of one nationality, color, race a better world is possible for us all. Click here to Join the World Forum Live and be a voice to your community in making a better world for all


New member
What a one-sided post... I can agree with the post people are forced to wear as they are only Muslims in name but we can't ignore how the rioters spreading violence and the people behind them supply them with weapons with the sole aim of destabilizing the Iranian regime. And the western freedomists supporting their country invade another country. The people of IRAN must not fall into this. If they did There is no turning back. Don't regret like Iraqis, Libyans