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Step By Step How To Use Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application (Whatsapp Mass Sender Toolkits)



Step By Step How To Use Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application (Whatsapp Mass Sender Toolkits)

Hey, Welcome to Whatsapp Kit

First Thanks for your purchase, should you have gotten this "Whatsapp Kit" from our official site Nairalearn listed as "Whatsapp Mass Sender" or from our WorldSocio Internet Marketing Forum And Marketplace listed as "Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application".

We just want to say a very Big Thank you, for your purchase!!! THANKS SO MUCH


Now for those yet to get the Whatapp kit, why don't you take action now and secure a copy for yourself, for your business, or your company, make a purchase now and have access to download the full kits.

You can purchase it from any of the links below

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The above links are for those yet to purchase these WhatsApp kits, to take action now and get theirs so we all can be on the same page

Before I proceed in walking you on the step by step "how to use the Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application" (Whatsapp Mass Sender) Whatsapp toolkit

To the simple steps on how to install this whatapp kit tool into your computer system and start leveraging it, let me first show you over 15+ premium features that come with this Whatsapp toolkit. See the Photo Footage below


Haven seen the features, and now here are steps to install it.

Step One. Go to the download link sent to you via your email or WhatsApp and download the zip files, next is to unzip it and run the Setup File

Is simple, Just Open the folder Setup and run the file WaSenderSetUp. See the footage and Watch the short video also


Now Watch This Step By Step Video To How To Install This Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application (Whatsapp Kit)

Should you've yet to get a copy of this WhatsApp kit, kindly use any of the links below to grab a copy for yourself and your business. NOW

Get It from Nairalearn: Follow This link

Get It From WorldSocio: Follow This link This kit is powered by NL_SOFT, owners of #Nairalearn and Publishers #WorldSocio. Check the below thread for the continuation of this guide..... Enjoy

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Here Is How To Connect Account (Channel) To The Kit

You can add multiple Whatsapp accounts, the choice is all yours and below are how to go about it at ease: Just start by a Click On the "ACCOUNT" Ribbon: See sample below


When you have done that, it will open a new window tap, just click on "ADD NEW ACCOUNT'' See Footage below


Now when you have clicked on the "ADD NEW ACCOUNT" it will bring up a new tap. Where you can enter the account name, e.g. I use the name "Sample Demo". Here you can use your cold marketing company or business name. You are also free to use your main name etc. See the Footage below

add new acc.PNG

Remember to enter your channel name and click on "ADD" and you will get a response code ''saying "Account Added Successfully". JUST CLICK ON Ok to proceed See footage below

account added successfully.PNG

When you have added an account name, it will not be active yet, NEXT is to click on "Load" see sample below


Once you have click on "Load" wait a bit for the next page where you will have to get your mobile phone connected to any of the Whatapp channel you want to connect with and point the "Phone and Scan the QR Code" to proceed: See sample footage below and also watch the short video for more

Point your phone and scan the QR code.PNG

ALSO WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW: Covering The steps "How to connect Whatapp Account To Whatsapp Kits , powered by NL_SOFT Owners of and Publishers and. Remember You can call or Whatsapp us on +2348068608490 to secure a copy of this kit (Whatsapp Kit) sender: ENJOY

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