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How To Protect Your Accounts From Hackers, Identity, And Password Theft


You need to keep your account safe because thousands to millions of accounts, websites, social media accounts, and emails are hacked or hijacked by hackers and fraudsters daily. I mean thousands of people lose access to their accounts daily

Yes you can secure your account and make it next to impossible for hackers, fraudsters, and password identity theft to gain access to it, come to talk of hijacking your account

People keep falling for these hackers, fraudsters, identity thieves, and password theft tricks. You can keep your website, social media account, and email 99% secured by following the recommended solution I have outlined in this post. To secure your online account and make it harder and more impossible for these people to gain access, it's important you know how they operate

Before You Can Secure Your Account By Knowing First: How These People Gain Access To Accounts

1: Password Reset Tricks: These people gain access to most accounts when they act as "hackers" assuming that they are not, cos in a real sense 99% of them are not hackers but identity theft, password reset hijacker, and fraudster

So when these people gain access to your account, the next thing they do is use either the email or phone number associated with your account to request for Account Password Change/Reset)

In most cases, this code will be sent to your email or phone number as sms, because they have your mobile phone number, they have your email address, and possibly in contact with you by "chatting with you on social media" whatsapp chat, sms, or most time. Because they can easily place a call to your mobile phone

So when they place a password reset, next is for them to put a call, sms, or chat to you with funky stories, which are all LIES, some times they tell you, you have won this or that, Gift Cards, Free Give Away Cash, Bitcoins, etc but first there is a code sent to you, that need the CODES to Activate the said (LIED) prize, the false gift card, money you have won. YOU SHOULDN'T FALL FOR SUCH TRICK
How To Protect Your Accounts From Hackers, Identity, And Password Theft, worldsocio.png

As in most cases, they will directly contact you and request you send them the code, funny that a great number of people always fall for these tricks by sending them the code.

The hacker, identity password theft will use to gain access to your account and thereby change all the details, including password, primary email, and phone number associated with the account

This can occur even in a situation where you are using two factors authentication on your account, best action in such a situation is Never To Send Any Code To Any person or Group of people

The second best action is to use the block button and block the person, block them on social media, if they contacted you on a mobile phone, block them as well and end communication with them

Now Watch This Video (How To Protect Your Accounts From Hackers, Identity and Password Theft) For More Vital Information below:

2: Weak Password: Most time people use weak passwords across their online activities, from weak passwords to website admin pass, to weak passwords across social media, and email, which can easily be hacked

Using weak passwords makes it simple for hackers and identity thieves to gain access to your passwords like, using your name, phone number, date of birth, simple numbers combination, words etc that can be easily guessed manually or by use of some password phishing/sniffing tools

While Solution To This: is to always use hard passwords, don't use your name in the password, likes wise don't use your phone number, date of birth, or easy words as your password, rather use a combination of world, numbers, space, special character and the likes to create secured hard pass password

3: Using Google Password Manager: You can also use Google Password Manager to keep all the passwords associated with your account safe. Just visit Google Password Manager or use the below URL

Copy the above URL on a browser when you are done with reading this post, should you want to leverage the Google tool. You will need to sign up to use the Google password manager using your Gmail account and define unique secure passwords for all your social media account as well email account

Remember to use different hard pass passwords on each account as recommended by Google. For example, you can use a different password for your Facebook account, Twitter account, SOSO account, or Gmail account. You can also watch the above short video on this post for more insight

4: Black Hack: Yes most time the real hacks here are the activities of black hackers and some white hackers, as long as internet access is a concern, there is no 100% secured pass, that is just the reality, but when it comes to the activities of real hackers (Black and White Hackers), they mostly target the elite accounts, top politicians, and multi-national companies. Not really the general masses. They directly target premium websites, accounts, software bypass, toolkit access points, etc

Know too well that real hackers, be it black or white hack don't just target anyhow account government and politicians in some parts of the world are hiring real hackers to do some dirty politicking work for them

Sometimes business opposition and competitors also use black hackers against their competitors and subordinates and more alike. In general. Its something most people should not be worried of

While for identity theft, and password theft who act like hackers, the best solution is to decline and block anyone who tries that with you, don't send any generated funky codes to anyone for whatever reason

And don't assume they are helping you in any way or fall for the sweet-talking fake promises, always use the block button to keep them off each time such people contact you.

Also try to use Two Factors Authentication, which is available with Google, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter subcribers, and other social media platforms to level up the security of your accounts.

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