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Donald Trump The President Of PEACE Democrats And Hillary Clinton Warned Would Start A Nuclear War


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Donald Trump who seemed to be the president of peace, was the man Democrats and Hillary Clinton warned would start a Nuclear World War III

They said he was unprepared for the job position 'Of President of the United States' and wrote ill-fated pieces about him, said all kinds of things about him, that he is incapable of making major decisions at 3 a.m. when the phone rings. Sign Up To WorldSocio Here for 100% free

However, the calamity they warned might befall the United States and the global world, as I write this World War 3 is so near, seems so near, with the high rate of war, terrorism, and crises around the world, and with all the crisis no one knows where the world is heading to

You can criticize Donald Trump if you want. You can even criticize him for tweeting, golfing a lot, and watching cable news often, only to turn around and describe journalists, and media houses as the enemies of the people.

But in four long years, the world wasn't on the brink of World War III (WW3). There was no new war, and the old wars were winding down during his administration.

He would have brought all American troops home if it were up to him alone, but the military-industrial complex did not want that to happen, as it's how money is made here in Washington.

The Abraham Accords, bilateral agreements on Arab-Israeli normalization signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on September 15, 2020, were not perfect but constituted a significant step for peace in the Middle East.

While some critics have pointed out that Palestine was barely mentioned, they can't fail to acknowledge how the region seemed stable then when compared to what is going on now

Now, the world appears to be rapidly heading toward World War Three after less than three years of the Biden presidency. In Europe Ukraine and Russia are at a full-blown war, and Hamas and Israel are at war in the Middle East

Instability in Ethiopia continues to escalate, the West Africa region is plugged with terror/insecurity/military takeover and Iran may enter the Israel/Hamas war. Turkey, Egypt, and even China may become involved, and Russia may join the Middle East conflict to support Iran. It's a total global mess right now.

These are troubling times that indicate a leadership failure, as well as intellectual failure. What is surprising, though, is that many Republicans in the United States are encouraging and funding these wars, unaware that they not only fail to lead to victory but also enrich the military-industrial complex, while feelings of victory and revenge remain high. The world needs peace, as peace is in the interest of everyone

These wars leave the world in chaos, cost hundreds of thousands of lives, destroy properties, make thousands to millions of people lose their homes, and become refugees in their or another man's country

The war will cost billions of dollars, leave innocent masses poor as well, and divert attention from domestic issues concerning the United States Election, ensuring that those in power are re-elected, as they tell the people to give them more time to defeat a foreign enemy. All lies but strategies to remain in power at all cost

I pray for peace and stability to return in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, across the world. The world needs peace now than never, as no nation under nuclear war is safe. We must say a big no to war and yes to continuous peace talks. Sign up to World Socio for more incentives and stay safe