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All Of Us Are Selfish


It's normal for you to change your attitude towards others, as well as normal for others to change their attitude toward you, this is normal and part of being human

While in our culture, we are taught that it is selfish and self-centered to look out for our own needs and wants. We are told that we should put others first and that if we do what we want, we are being selfish.

However, the truth is that we are all selfish and self-centered, it's not a bad thing, it's just the way we are wired. We are programmed to look out for ourselves, so in most cases, we try to put our self-interest first and foremost.

When you change your attitude towards others when you pretend just to gain favors from others when you are true to yourself towards others and one day, you decided to change, possibly one or two events made you change, hey, is normal, no offense, that is part of what we call human nature

Almost all of us are narcissistic, thinking only about ourselves, selfish, and self-centered. But most of us believe that the narcissist is the other person.

It's human nature! it's in you and as well in me and every one of us to be selfish. Since Christopher Lasch published his book "The Culture of Narcissism" in 1979, the term narcissism has become very popular, and now everyone uses it to describe virtually all domestic abusers, especially men.

But just like Narcissus who fell in love with his reflection and died as he could not have himself, most of us focus only on ourselves, on what our interest is, what we can gain, what we can get, and how we can advance our agenda, to many of us is just about us, our gains and nothing less

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Most of us fail in life, in business, and in love because of selfishness. Yes, some people are more narcissistic than others, they even went far beyond thinking that their life is better than others, that others are less human and people hate them for that, as they stupidly think that they are the center of the universe, but all of us are not very different.

No human is better than others, we as humans are nothing but one race called the human race, it doesn't matter which country we come from our color, language, religion and many more don't matter, as when life comes, it comes to all till the end of life when will answer to nature

It often baffles me how the people who want me to do things for them make no effort to think hard and deeply about what I also need, while I don't think about my name, I do my best to remain a good giver rather than a receiver

People do DM, asking for promotions of their business for free, when it comes to advancing their brand, life, or business, I often ask them whether they subscribe as marketplace users here on Worldforumlive or if they have ever advertised on World Forum Live

Sadly to say, often they've not even thought about me, about us NL SOFT publishers of worldforumlive, they have never contributed to how to help improve Worldforumlive but about what they want or what they want me to help them achieve.

What you need to do in business, in a relationship, or a partnership, is to focus on what others need and align your interest with theirs, be a giver, support, and be gifting for and you will have anything you want in life.

Do not exploit people, do not deceive people, do not use people, do not try to take advantage of people in a business, relationship, neighborhood, or partnership, don't take advantage of others in life, and always look at how to achieve what you want by helping others get what they also want

Even in the process of doing all these and you discover how bad people treat you, how bad people around you are selfish toward you, just lean, ignore them and proceed with your good did. That we are in a wicked world doesn't mean you should be among the wicked ones messing up our community, society, and the world

Yes, all humans are selfish, but this attitude of self-center can be unlearned. You have to be different by training your mind to do to others what you want them to do to you, be gifting to others, be supportive to others, learn to love, and let love continue to lead in all you do

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