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10 Stanford University Free Online Courses [You Can Learn From Home]


Here Are 10 Stanford University Free Online Courses [You Can Learn From Home] With an Award/Certificate from Stanford University, ranked as one of the most prestigious universities in the world

Stanford University is a reputable, physically located in the United States that now offers both classroom learning, virtual/online learning, and some distance learning courses for international students at almost 100% free

This is made possible today, all thanks to the internet technology and the Stanford University Board for putting humanity, and human capital development first: You can now enroll and start learning in your free time from the comfort of your home

All links where you can enroll are shared right on this post, so relax as we progress. With just your internet connection, smart mobile phone, or laptop you can pick any of the 10 Stanford University Free Online Courses and start learning

  • Below ARE Stanford's Official Address/Contact
  • Location: 450 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, California -CA 94305, United States
  • Mobile Phone: +1 650-723-2300
  • Official Website: Sign page

Now See The "10 Stanford University Free Online Courses" from the listing below and Remember to Join WorldSocio Here for more incentives

Stanford Free Online Learning Courses

  • 1: Introduction to Computer Science 101

Introduction to Computer Science is a self-paced course that teaches students the essential ideas of Computer Science as a course of study, from the zero-prior-experience audience. Below is the direct
link to the Stanford Online learning portal where interested students can enroll from
👇 or copy the link code from below

Note: There are no prerequisites for this course, should you be interested in having a career in computer science and skill set, then use the above link to enroll for free at the moment: Sign Up To WorldSocio here

  • 2: Machine Learning Specialization

You can enroll and learn Machine Learning Specialization at Stanford University (US) from the comfort of your home at ease. This course will help you break into the AI technology

With Machine Learning Specialization. Master fundamental AI concepts and develop practical machine learning skills in the beginner and friendly easy to learn curriculum

The 3-course program is hosted by AI visionary Top Instructor Andrew Ng, Geoff Ladwig, Aarti Bagul, and Eddy Shyu

NOTE: There are no prerequisites for this course and you can enroll using the link below 👇 👇 👇 Enjoy and never stop investing in yourself, investing 100% in learning and practicing, Should you care for more incentive. Sign Up to World Socio Here for 100% Free

or copy the course link from the below url_code

3: Designing Your Career

Distance learning has come to stay, today you can enroll in Stanford University for Designing Your Career Program irrespective of where (country) you are reading this from

It will interest you to know that, this online course uses a design thinking approach to help (participants) people of any age and academic background to develop a constructive and effective approach to designing.

And the good news is, there are no prerequisites required for this course. Should you be interested: Then use the link below 👇 👇👇 to apply or copy link url code below

4: Introduction To Internet Of Things

The Internet has employed millions if not billions of people remotely globally, you too can learn Introduction To the Internet Of Things, right from Stanford University. following the link I have made access right on this post

This course "Introduction to the Internet of Things" is designed for anyone interested in IoT and for those who are preparing to take courses within the Internet, at the end of the course training you will receive (an Internet of Things graduate certificate program. Kindly follow the link below 👇 👇👇 for access to the application page or copy the url code below

5: Databases Advanced Topics in SQL

For tech guys, this is an ideal course for you, course title: Database Advanced Topic In SQL, you can start learning right from the comfort of your home, leveraging the Stanford University Online Learning

This course is one of five self-paced courses on the topic of Databases you will never like to miss, originating as one of Stanford's three inaugural massive open online courses with thousands of students already set for this year's calendar.

And here, there are no prerequisites for this course, should you be interested, kindly use the link below 👇 👇 👇to apply. Best of luck or best copy the URL link code below and paste on your browser

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