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World War III Is Knocking On Our Door Hungary Prime Minister To Tucker Carlson (WATCH)


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Its Sad That The World War III Is Knocking On Our Door Hungary Prime Minister To Tucker Carlson (WATCH) The Full Video Interview Right On WorldSocio

Watch the moment in an interview between the media personality "Tucker Carlson" the Hungary's Prime Minister "Viktor Orban" as he admits that the "Third World War" is so close to all of us, irrespective of our country, your country, mine as Hungary. The third world war is now knocking on our door and we must do everything possible now to stop it

It's dangerous to all of us in the world, Now is the time we should all embrace peace and end the Russia-Ukraine war, The United States has a great role to play in other to end this war immediately

The approach they are using is not working, can not work, but impossible to end the war. Only but to prolong it while innocent people die on the street daily


Just as you read, watch on the Western media, read on the paper, watch on TV that Ukrainians are winning the war, that is false, that is not true not just that Ukraine is losing, the global world has never been this close, so close to World War III virtuously knocking on our door

Seriously we all have to be careful, I mean the NATO and United States, Russia as well Ukraine all have to be very careful at the moment not to provoke a third-world war

It will interest you to know that Hungary shares a border with Ukraine, and whatever goes wrong with Ukraine also affects us directly.

Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban gave some important points in his interview with Tucker Carlson a few hours ago. Is something you should take a moment on. Watch below and Sign Up to Worldsocio for more incentives
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