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Watch How Russia Handles Gay LGBT Pride Parades (Video)


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Gay LGBT Parade is a no-no across the Russia federation and when some "GAY" prides activist tries to parades, you can watch how Russia handles them in short video clips attached to this post

While some people are against the way they are handled, some say is a welcome development as Russia's federation is not the United States where such practice is highly honored by the Government, Schools, Organizations and the people. In Russia is a no-no


One of the supporters of LGBT was interviewed. She said
"I came today to Palace Square to support the LGBT community and support myself. I am very tired of the discrimination and the thought that I am not allowed to walk out and say I feel bad"

My country does not want me to feel bad, it does not care. It will interest you to know the stand of the Russian government on LGBT pride is a no-no.

When interviewing another "LGTB Gay" He was heard saying, "This incident is silent on the media, none is reporting it, none is broadcasting it, the topic is silenced in mass media. These (gay) people exist, they should be worked, they should be allowed, and don't be discriminated against. Now watch also Sign Up to World Socio and have your say on this

As the above video went viral, it will interest you to lear how people all over the world are reacting to this. Read some of the over million reaction from likes mind across the world, as majority of the people say Yes To Russia federation for say and standing on NO to "Guy" parade

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LGBT Russia reaction 3.PNG

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