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Watch As India Lands Successfully On The Moon



Watch As India Lands Successfully On The Lunar South Pole Moon

India has just launched Chandrayaan and successfully landed on the Moon. The India Moon mission has made history today as Chandrayan 3 Lander named Vikram has just landed on the Moon's surface

The event is now live on both Twitter space and Youtube, you can watch the footage from any of the below links. It is a big congratulations to India and their perfect improvement in technology

You can find the images of the moon captured by the Lander Position Detection Camera (LPDC) from an altitude of about 70 km, on August 19, 2023, and now live today see links below

Watch The Chandrayaan 3 Mission Moon Soft Landing Live from Youtube by ISRO Official from below

Follow thread on ISRO Twitter space from below link

Once more big congrats to ISRO India