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Top 9 Traveling Affiliates Program Around The World



There are a variety of traveling affiliates (Traveling Agency Portal Programs) on the internet, but here are my top 9, with high-commission

The top 9 traveling affiliate programs you can join, get approved and start promoting your unique affiliate link, and make some high commission as an affiliate marketer, targeting traveling and tourism-related audiences

Before Now: I have built and sold some projects in the traveling/hospitality niche and can tell you with first-hand experience that this is a hot niche, easy to build, and rank.

Once you meet all the requirements, you can apply for an affiliate program from the list of traveling agency portals I have added to this post and smile happily to the bank, earning cool cash monthly

Top 9 Traveling Affiliates Program, worldsocio.jpg

When It Comes To Traveling Niche

Most traveling affiliate programs come with a high commission rate, with some ranging from 50% to 75% on a single purchased income commission when you sell through your unique affiliate link

Then upsell your ladder, reselling more links, you can make over $1000 to $10,000 profit monthly. YES IS 100% POSSIBLE and as I write to you there are quite some number of people making 6 to 7 figures monthly incomes just from (Traveling Affiliates Niche Marketing):

However, when it comes to traveling affiliate business the major players depend on your target geo (location and your target country audience), for example - and seem to be popular with North American audiences. is very popular for searches in SE Asia with (an Asian audience). and the global leader among them is, which is decent everywhere, In Africa, Europe, America, etc. Booking is visibly everywhere around the world

While the best in Europe goes to, yes Airbnb does not have an open affiliate program anymore, and even if you want to get into their affiliate program, the process is kind of difficult at the time of writing this post. But you can still give them a try

To apply for and get your traveling affiliate link, is simple

You can apply directly from some of the 9 traveling agency portals I have listed here or use any of the Networks like (

Once you apply, you have to wait for some time, in most cases less than 48 hours to get approved or a rejection message, should you fail to meet some of the basic requirements not included in this thread

So when you apply and your application meets all their requirements. Then getting approved is a straightforward process. Remember: You may need to apply directly from some of these traveling portals, or through affiliate networks like (AWIN, CJ), etc.

Now Below Are My Top 9 Traveling affiliate programs I have worked with For Some Time Now


When it comes to "" should you want to apply, just visit Commission Junction ( to apply, get approval with your unique affiliate link, and start promoting it.

Within the affiliate network, depending on the traveling agency affiliate program you want to join, there are other value-added programs, but the whole process works on the approval level and when you get approved. You need to work on the type of traffic you drive to your affiliate link

NOTE: Once you have been able to apply and get approved, your unique affiliate link will be given to you, all you need is to promote it effectively to your leads, subscribers, website, blogging, audience, etc,

And drive in massive traffic, and when any of the traffic (audience) makes a purchase, book ticket, hotel reservation, flight tickets, buy products, consultations, etc. You will get a huge commission

Repeating the process will grow your bank account, the reason being that all traveling affiliate links come with high commission. Hope this post is helpful. Sign Up here for WorldSocio for more incentive

Final Thought: Some travel affiliate programs are hard to get approval for, you will have to meet their requirements before applying. {Read Their Requirement 'Article' First Before Applying}. Once you apply and get approved, work on driving high-quality traffic to your affiliate link and you will earn high

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