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The Use Of The Internet And Your Children



Few days a ago I made a posted title (The Internet Is A Free University) live here at WorldSocio and it has been read thousands of times all over the world

Since then, some people have contacted me asking questions about the use of the Internet and their kids, prompting this post thread "The Use Of The Internet And Your Children"

You may be among the people asking if you should allow your children to use the internet, should you give your children full access to internet technology?

You see, you are not the only one asking these types of questions, there are a lot of people, including tech professionals and educationists arguing this same question (The Use Of The Internet And Your Children). When should children be given access to the Internet, knowing too well these children are born into the advanced Internet technology era

Well my first reply to them, " the parents" is to try and access what Google published on creating an internet access account for children. By following This Link To Read It Up

The Use Of The Internet And Your Children, worldsocio.jpg

Now about kids (Children) let's assume they are less than 13 years old, Let's also keep in mind that these children are born into the era of internet advance technology and the fact remains, if parents fail not to give their children access to the internet and guide them proper. Chances are they will learn it ex where and proceed to start accessing the internet without their parent knowing, so another question here is

Will you as a parent prefer your children to learn internet technology, from the public, as well as to have access to the internet without your knowledge? Will you

Probable, most answers parents will give is No, and that is the right answer, so these are the reasons we as parents should pay attention to our children. Is best we teach our children internet technology and give them access to the recommended platform both Google, and the children's educational board in our various countries has recommended for children

Knowing too well that, there are high possibilities that these children if we the parents fail to bring them close to us, under our watch and guild, will learn this internet technology ex where which may endanger them more

If will also choose to ignore this fact, these children may discover how to access the internet from the public, their peer groups, public internet servers, public cyber_cafes, etc., and I tell you is more dangerous again to allow your children to learn about the internet usage from the public

Is always best for you as a parent, to bring your child close and teach him or her everything they should know about the internet, as well as limit some of the websites they should visit

Be bold enough to let them know why they should not visit such websites, for example, tell them that such website is not children's friend, (not recommended for children)

For example, all social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok are not recommended for children, and search engine portals such as Google, and main YouTube accounts. Both being the number one and two websites in the world are also not recommended for children

So learn to give your children good reasons why they should not visit such websites and I promise you. most children will be more than happy learning that this is coming from their parents and obeying your orders

They will be more than glad to obey and trust every teaching coming from their parents, as long you are friendly with them, these children should learn the internet usage from you than learning it ex where unknown to you as a parents

Now What Are The recommended websites for Children: Find such websites below


The above three websites are highly recommended for children knowing too well that Google is a search engine, as well as the number one website in the world, but not recommended for children. Now Watch The Below Video

So as a parent, focus on introducing the above three websites for your children The first two websites serve as search engine portals for children, so they can carry out all their searches there

Your children are not supposed to use, but can use the following websites, While you monitor their usage, is very very important you put an eye on them

Hope you got the points right, now Watch the below video for more insight on this topic (The Use Of Internet And Your Children)

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