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The Truth Behind The Infamous 4 Children For Sale

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You may wonder, what will ever make a woman sell her own four little children, why will any sane woman on earth even attempt such, not a one, two but 4 children up for sale? Well here is the truth behind the infamous 4 children for sale

The truth is the story behind the infamous 4 children for sale remains one of the most heartbreaking photo footage ever taken in the history of child trafficking

The woman involved name is "Lucille Chalifoux", before the incident she was a proud mother of four innocent children, that was before she put her 4 biological children up for sale due to some circumstances surrounding her at that time

Right on this post is the attached photo footage of her with the four little children, back when she was facing eviction from her apartment. Her landlord had asked her to quit the apartment which resulted in her poor choice to sell the 4 little children and move on with her single life

According to her with no other options left, she made the difficult decision, a part the children regretted thereafter for having her as their biological mother

Back then a photojournalist had captured the attention of the public after he took their picture and published it in a local newspaper. Asking for a job opportunity for the young mother without her knowing, the publication asked the public for support for the woman, and job opportunities poured in, but unfortunately, they were not enough to save the children from their challenging fate as they were late sold.

The youngest child among them, being "David" was adopted by Harry and Luella McDaniel, the family who provided him with a stable and safe home. While his upbringing was strict, he eventually found stability and served in the military for 20 years before working as a truck driver.

However, the older siblings, RaeAnn and Milton, had a much more harrowing experience. They were sold to a couple named John and Ruth Zoeteman, the family who treated them as property rather than children. They were badly treated and never loved or cared for by their new supposed parents

They were chained up in a barn and subjected to physical and emotional abuse. RaeAnn, in particular, had a traumatic upbringing, including an incident of kidnapping, rape, and pregnancy in her teenage years

Despite their hardships, both RaeAnn and Milton were able to reconnect as adults, unfortunately during their reunion, their sister Lana passed away before they could reunite.

Another sibling of theirs, Sue Ellen, was in the late stages of lung disease at the time of the reunion but could express her love/feelings and joy for her siblings through written communication.

Sue Ellen's words for the birth mother that sold them: "She needs to be in hell burning." the children now grown up regretted the decision of their biological mother.

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Yes this may have happened decades ago, as far back in 1948, then fast forward to today as I write to you, time may have changed, but nature and how people think, and behave still remain the same

Sadly, there are still a lot of women selling their biological children as well as other people's children for no just cost and this is happening in today's modern world. The level of child trafficking is alarming

In some parts of the world, women even give birth just for this single evil purpose (To sell their babies) is heartbreaking. It's pathetic. Read more forum posts/threads here and check out the Marketplace