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The Scam Of Decades, How World Back Scam Poor Africans


The World Power, World Bank Of Corruption together with Corrupt African leaders keep scamming the poor Africa masses, these decades of scam should come to an end, it's against humanity.

Take it or leave it, It's a crime being poor, while the world power promises the world, the global world, a better and hungry free global village but yet work round the up-down down to keep the majority of the world population in poverty

It's sad because in our world of up is down and down is up. hear me out! Let's assume that I post a picture today from the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC and say I am glad to announce that I have become the director of communication at the World Bank. My salary is $1 million per year! I have a big office and 100 people who report to me!

I would likely get thousands of likes and many friend requests. People would likely see me as the symbol of success. But let's assume that I post the same picture from the Worldforum App office and say, rejoice with me, I am the moderator of the World forum online community portal

I have a modest salary and only 14 people who report to not forget to join the Worldforum

I would likely have fewer likes and fewer friend requests. But let's see how both work. One is almost a scam and the other is genuine.

For instance, an Africa Nigerian minister of finance flies to Washington to seek a loan from the World Bank, maybe let say a $3.2 billion loan request. She tells the World Bank all lies, she start by telling the world back, you see our people in Africa Nigeria are suffering because of COVID-19, many are dying, business is down

The COVID and pandemic have affected our economy, our infrastructure is dilapidated, we even need more schools and hospitals.

After listing to them, the World Bank doesn't care. It releases the loan. then the Africa Nigeria minister flies back to Abuja Nigeria and money begins to arrive.

Most of this money, 99% is stolen among the elite, the politicians, and noting get to the poor, the masses, World bank knows about this, this cycle of scam and yet keep releasing loans to countries

While 99% of loans given to Africa Nations are mostly stolen, painfully, virtually nothing goes to the people. Nothing to the people who have lost their job to COVID, nothing to teachers, nothing to doctors in Lagos, Akure, Port Harcourt, or Jos Nigeria, nothing to the people it's mainly stolen.

The World Bank director of communication in Washington D.C. releases a statement, "we have approved a $3.2 billion (financial assistance) for Nigeria to tackle COVID-19, rebuild its crumbling infrastructure, and fix schools and health problems."

The statement gets to reporters around the world. many publish the first story. Breaking news, Africa Nigeria gets a $3.2 billion loan from World Bank to fix its many problems.

Then in the days that follow, few reporters who have followed the loan process begin to call the director of communication at the World Bank. They receive the call, responded well, thanks for your statement. Can we meet to discuss the loan given to Africa nations?

How much is the interest rate? How much are they repaying? When should Nigeria payback? What if they default? How much higher would the interest rate go?

Why are you giving the loan now when last year's loan was even stolen? How much money do they even owe you now? Do you even know how previous loans were used? How do you explain that a $3.2 billion loan is now worth a $5 billion loan?

How do you even verify that the money is going to the people, the real people in need? Why should unborn Nigerian kids pay back what these guys are stealing? where are you people doing this to the innocent Africans all in the name of helping

Title Page.jpg

You guys are a bunch of scammers. May God forgive you! Finally, the director of communication tells me, you see, this is not for publication. come on let's chat like men, privately.

What would you like us to do? If we do not give loans, China would give loans, the European Development Bank would, the Asian Development Bank would or the African Development Bank would, so we have no choice but to give in order to stay in business

You see, no one cares. All we want is the interest on the loans. That's what sustains us. That's what has sustained us for decades. Call it a scam if you want but it's not our fault, if there are any to blame it's the African leaders the people of Africa elected to lead them

Let the people should elect honest leaders. That's not our job. We also have to survive in a highly competitive world where China is rising.

How would I pay my bills if no one is getting the loans? We have to survive, that is the gospel truth! We need to get you some ads for your publication (In other words, just join the system, it's a vicious world out there, you see.

There you have it! But who do the mass like most? Not the reporters...No the people who try to ask questions on what has the Africa leaders used all the loans given to them for,!!! No, the people don't like those that ask

The people like the corrupt politicians, the World Bank who keep giving loans to these corrupt leaders who end up stilling the loan, sharing it among them themselves.

The director of communication shares his latest luxury car and his $5 million houses....the news reporter shares a good but modest car and house.

Then the society says the most successful person is part of the global scam. to them, the most successful among them are the corrupt politician, the corrupt world bank officials, this act is not human but evil against humanity

This is evil and against the innocent people of Africa, and should be put to an end. That's why I am sad. because up is down and down is up in our world today!

Call it business or anything ex, this is the greatest scam again Africans and humanity from the world power, world bank and that of our Africa corrupt leaders

I pray that one day, this scam of decades will come to an end. until then. May God continues to help the poor, most importantly the poor African leads are corrupt leaders. You can Join The World Forum Community Here, Join now and become a reporter, bring the news here and have it read by millions of people globally
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The question is why are they giving load to Africa leaders without minding if these loans get to the people, meanwhile below is what they told us. The World Bank Mission As They Told Us: Follow The Below PhotoNEWS Footages
Title Page.png

Title Page (2).jpg

Title Page (3).jpg

But Study It Closely, Yes World Bank and all the rest have been giving loans to Africa countries, but painfully these loans hardly get to the people

Title Page (4).jpg

Title Page (5).jpg

Title Page (6).jpg

The loans are stolen by the elite, politician, and those in charge of the government, The word bank is aware of these scams and yet continue to be releasing loans to these corrupt politicians:

Title Page (7).jpg

Are these not crimes against humanity in a full corrupt world, if this thread should continue, how then can World Bank achieve these set goal vision 2030
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