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The most Promising NFT projects of 2022


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Play-to earn NFTs, a prominent gaming marketplace launched the World’s First play-to-earn Cricket NFTs in April 2022. The marketplace is said to be the house of some top Cricket NFT collections. Recently, the marketplace launched its first-of-its-kind Metaverse Cricket game- The Meta Cricket League. The game has garnered high appreciation from the gaming community.

Azuki NFTs

Azuki Metaverse has caught the attention of the community as it seamlessly seems to blend the physical and the Virtual world. The Azuki characters use streetwear themes for collaborations and NFT drops.

Crypto Baristas

The main focus of these NFTs is coffee lovers. The NFTs have won the appreciation of the community because of their philanthropic benefits. A portion of the profit is said to go to real-life coffee initiatives.