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SAD Burial Of Rev Father Isaac Achi Burnt To Death In Northern Nigeria (PhotoNEWS)


SAD Burial Of Rev Father Isaac Achi Burnt To Death In Northern Nigeria (PhotoNEWS)

Still with no comment and reactions from the Nigeria government even as the global community watched, the Christian faith around the world mourned Rev Father Isaac Achi was burnt to death In the Northern part of Nigeria last Sunday

Here you will find photo footage of his burial as tears roll, Rev Father Isaac Achi was buried yesterday Friday the 20th of January 2023

The footage shows the remains of Reverend Father Isaac Achi, a Roman Catholic Church priest who was burnt to death by bandits in Niger State northern part of Nigeria last Sunday 15th January.

Isaac Achi was laid to rest at the St Michael Catholic Church premises in Minna capital city of Niger State on Friday 20th January 2023. @Bassey Reporting from WorldforumLIVE

Previously we have reported and asked ''How Many More Nigerians Will Be Brutally Murdered Before Nigeria Is Placed Back On Countries Of Particular Concern'' how many more before the Nigeria government will steps up and protect lives


Nigeria as a country has failed its citizens as more people are being killed across Nigeria on daily bases, while the government keeps failing her innocent masses just as they failed Father Isaac, it's indeed sad to say, may his gentle soul rest in peace

It's very disturbing seeing how so much high-level wickedness and crimes against humanity are being committed across Nigeria daily and yet the culprits go unpunished and never brought to book

It's totally clear that present Nigeria is a total failure, very unfortunate how bandits go about killing, and destroying properties of people, on Sunday 15th of this month was Rev Father Isaac, and was burnt alive, while another priest escape with a gunshot

As I write this, no one knows who will be the next target, this evil has to come to an end. The government of Nigeria needs to do something faster now and protect innocent lives and properties across Nigeria

In everything let humanity comes first, the sad stories coming out from Nigeria have indeed belittled human lives in this part of the world

The story of how Rev Father Isaac Achi was killed read that the bandits invaded his residence in Kaffin Koro, Paikoro Local Government Area of the state, to attack him. When they could not access his apartment, they set the entire building on fire, causing him to burn to death.

He hailed from Kaffin Koro and was celebrated as the first indigenous Catholic priest from Gbagyi/Koro land years back and just yesterday he was buried. The deceased priest survived multiple attacks, including the Christmas Day bombing in Madalla, still in Niger State, in 2011, before his death... SEE BELOW THE Photo Footage's

Burial Of Rev Father Isaac Achi Burnt To Death In Northern Nigeria, photo 1.PNG

Burial Of Rev Father Isaac Achi Burnt To Death In Northern Nigeria, photo 3.PNG

Burial Of Rev Father Isaac Achi Burnt To Death In Northern Nigeria, photo 5.PNG

Burial Of Rev Father Isaac Achi Burnt To Death In Northern Nigeria, photo 2.PNG



ALSO Reported CYON Minna Diocese On January 15

15th of January 2021, it was Fr John GBAKAN. 15th of January 2023, its Now Fr Isaac ACHI, Both of Minna Diocese, Niger State, Nigeria.Both gruesomely killed by bandits. We stand with the church at this critical period, May God protect and save the church, we are deeply hurt and Our hearts are heavy.... may the soul of fr Isaac Achi rest in perfect peace.. Amen

A Catholic priest burned to death on Sunday after bandits set fire to his parish rectory in northern Nigeria.

The body of Father Isaac Achi was found among the charred parish building of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church on Jan. 15, according to the Catholic Diocese of Minna, Nigeria.

He died after armed bandits attacked the priest’s residence in the village of Kafin Koro at 3 a.m. Another priest at the rectory, Father Collins Omeh, escaped the building but sustained gunshot wounds and is being treated in a hospital.


Reacting, The State Governor Alhaji Sani Bello Abubakar, Niger State Nigeria, described the attack as “ungodly and inhumane” and directed the local security agencies to pursue the attackers, according to The Daily Post NG

“This is a sad moment, for a priest to be killed in such a manner means that we are not all safe, these terrorists have lost it, and drastic action is needed to end this ongoing carnage,” Bello said.

It will further interest you to know that, Achi served as the parish priest of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church where he died. He was also the chairman of his local branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

“May the soul of very Reverend Father Isaac Achi and the souls of all the faithful departed continue to rest in perfect peace,” the Diocese of Minna said in a statement shared by the Nigeria Catholic Network.