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Microsoft Word Application Turns 40 Years Old


Today one of the most used word-processing software applications Microsoft Word turns 40 years old. Yes, I still use it to date, not just me, most people still use "MS Word" to date. So together we are saying Happy Birthday To Microsoft Word @40yrs

It will interest you to know, that the first version of Microsoft Word was called Multi-tool Word and was released from Xenix on October 25, 1983. While a dedicated version for MS-DOS came the same year 1983, followed by all the later years updated versions, down to the present version we all are still enjoying today

To date, Microsoft Word remains one of the most used software applications and may still be in demand for more years to come. Happy Birthday to Microsoft Word, and happy super 40th birthday to MS Word from all of us #NL_SOFT publisher's WorldSocio.

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