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Leveraging The Old Media To New Media (Internet Marketing)


For ages, classified ads have always been the way to make killer income offline and now online, back in those days people, businesses, and companies prefer using old media such as Newspaper ads, Radio, and TV, Radio to when compared to what we have today the INTERNET

In those days one will have to place ads in local or national newspapers, magazines, tv programs, billboards, radio stations, and seminar events just to attract leads of traffic, and build and upscale their businesses. Yes it was working great those days and still works a bit today

Traditional, these old media form of classifying one's business, products, or services is fading off to what the new media holds in place lately. In today's news media, though have existed for decades now and are still profitable to those who classified their marketing rightfully as more people are not online when compare to the numbers of those still listening to radio stations, watching TV programs and even going as far as getting printed newspapers

Today most people don't use seminars that much, they now use webinar/zoom, in today's classified ads marketing. People now, prefer to use the internet to promote their business and services as well as make more money up-scaling their products

The Old Media and Today's Internet The New Media

Yes, the system is the same, much identical but more of an internet of a thing. today instead of using mail, people now prefer using email, instead of using magazines/newspapers people now prefer using websites/blogs

Instead of using radio some people now prefer using podcasts, SEO, Social Media, Mobile SMS Marketing, and much more. Today marketing is much more fascinating and affordable when compared to traditional old media ads

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In Essence, what classified ads marketing are you using to grow your business, and make more money between the old media to the new media?

Yes some people still use both media provided they have the financial budget and more important they are getting a high return on their investment running both media ads

Moving from then direct-mail marketing to now email marketing. From then Networking stream to now social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok name but a few

From then placing classified ads on TV, to now using Youtube and Google AdWords, as well from then Radio ads to now Podcast which is much more affordable to many. From then newspapers, magazines, and billboards to having a website, my blogs, and blog platform, the list goes on and on. Now check it.

Some businesses made millions of United Dollars leveraging old media, the same way as businesses, companies, and even individuals are making millions of profits from new media (The Internet) so what matters is not the media you are using, but your ability to leverage them starting from now

From the then hosting seminar to now using webinar/zoom meetings. While I agree that the old media is still in use to date most people now prefer using the new media, using the internet to target their prospective audience where they hangout the most

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And remember that successful marketing involves steps and processes, be it leveraging the old media or the new media (Internet). Effective marketing involves steps and processes and most times these steps and processes are invisible to the naked eye. Check out the Marketplace to secure any of our premium kits and don't forget to Sign Up here for free