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Here Are Simple and Smart Ways To Learn Coding For Free, leveraging info-graphic thread resources

Hello guys, here are simple ways to learn how to code for free. Yes investing in learning, and keying into coding (programming) is among the top skill invest we humans can invest in or encourage our loved ones, and kids to learn on


So for the love of our readers, and members here at here are infographics with web portal links for those who care to learn to code (programming) or improve their programming career to also read "How New Web Developers Are Involving In 2023". Now let begins. Learn Coding For Free (For serious-minded people only) remember to Sign-Up to worldforumlive is 100% free

1) Learn HMTL
Getting started with learning coding is best when you start with learning HTML. HTML which is the standard markup language for web pages is of high importance in all core web dev projects, including mobile application development projects.

With HTML you can create your website, client website, and more. While HMTL is easy to learn. follow on, and practice, you will enjoy learning it and more importantly, you can use the website resource seen on the below infographic to learn HTML


2) Learn CSS
You can learn CSS from resources on Which is one of the evergreen web resources for learning and mastering CSS. There you will find lots and lots of CSS courses, and resources to level up your web styling expertise. See the infographic below for the web link. Cheers


It's important that you learn Javascript in today's tech, just the same way it's important you learn Python. For Javascript, you can learn parts one, two to three from all for free. Use the resources found in the infographic below


4) Learn REACT
You can learn coding with React in an interactive virtual environment, and understand how React works not just to build with React, but to build a premium project with React, visit to get started with React Tutorial for free. See resources from the infographic below


5) Learn Python
WOW, this programming language is too important, is one of the languages I used in developing most of the toolkits I used for leads building and more if you are a programmer or programmer to be. Please make it a must to learn PYTHON. You can get started learning Python for free from give it a try today and thank me later


6) Learn API
API is the program that connects databases, which is highly important in today's web and mobile technology, a program all coders should learn and the good news is you can start learning this for free by leveraging visit the site after going through this thread and thank me later


7) Learn SQL
You can learn SQL for free starting from SQLBOLT.COM. see the infographic below for more hits and don't forget to read more programming threads here all for free


Hope you enjoyed this thread, as I will always say, investing in learning is one of the most investments we humans can gift ourselves, be it self-learning, online education, or classroom learning.

Skilling up is one smart way we can all stay safe, stay ahead of the AI destruction as more people are set to lose they jobs to AI machine, start skilling up on your skill by being ahead of AI in your programming coding career.

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