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Is Blogging Dead? Answer



Lately, people keep asking, is blogging dead, not just blogging, people also ask is SEO dead, is email marketing dead, etc

While the answers to the above questions are simple, None is dead, blogging is not dead, SEO Is not dead, and email marketing is not dead. none of the above is dead, and neither any of them is dying at any time soon

The issue with blogging now is simple. there are a lot of blogs website around the web, millions to billions of web blogs, with more blog websites being added daily

So the internet web blog space is now over-saturated, which makes people think that blog is dead, No blog is not dead, but if you are thinking of going into blogging or you are already a blogger, there are a few important things you need to know, not just knowing

There are things you need to know and start practicing, important factors you need to implement into your blogging journey, if you want your blogging career or journey to be successful, earning you cool cash. Then pay attention to this thread ''Is Blogging Dead''

The Followings Are Things That Make Blogging A Success Of Lately

1: Optimizing Your Website For SEO. e.g On-Page SEO, OFF PAGE SEO, Technical SEO
Writing and Publishing Quality Contents
3: Rightful Distribution, sharing, and posting of your website across the internet

Although few people that start blogging these days, start with an expired domain, most of them believe that starting a web blog project with an expired domain will save them money and time, in terms of building domain name authority, page authority, backlinks, and organic traffics

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When next people ask or tell you that blogging is dead, just tell them no. ''Blogging is not dead''. people also say, Oh yes, blogging, e-com, drop-servicing, dropshipping everything is dead. Even google will be dead soon, lol. people keep asking

While some argue that Blogging is now not as strong as it used to be back in those days, yes I will agree with them. But blogging is still a great platform for giving the user the long-form type content that many social media do not possess.

It is the content and type of it that determine the success of blogging in today's blogging career! why do many people still believe that blogging is dead, in other hands? They may be referring to the attributed to the fact that blogging today has been over-saturated

So blogging today is getting tough and tougher every year. is no longer easy to rank web pages on google as the competition keeps increasing, is harder to rank competitive keywords which in turn drives quality traffic to your web blog, learning page SEO may help you a lot if you have the intention of going into blogging to make money

Getting Starting With Blogging, Important Thing To Note

While starting your blogging journey, it will be nice you start by choosing a niche you have passion for, choosing an easy keywords, targeting easy keywords you can easily rank on, and avoiding competitive keywords, as such may be too difficult to rank on

Blogging Is Not Dead As Long As People Still Use Search Engine

Blogging is also not dead and is not going to die as long as people still use search engines, the question again is, how difficult and what angle or niche topic you can leverage and best compete on

Blogging is not dead – it’s just evolving. The way people use blogs has changed, and the types of blogs that remain popular are those that offer content that is useful and interesting to readers.

There are still many bloggers out there who are responsible for some of the most popular and engaging content on the web, but there is also a new breed of bloggers who use blogging as an engine for marketing their businesses or brands.

Most website today are beginning to add web blog feature on their platform, where they share great content, attract search engine, and ranks on several keywords related to their products or services

Blogging has been around for a while, and it seems like it's not going anywhere anytime soon, there are still plenty of bloggers out there writing great content, so it isn't dead yet!

Blogging is still very much alive and well, while others claim that the blogosphere is in a state of flux and is slowly dying off, regardless of where you stand on the issue, there's no doubt that blogging has played an important role in the development of online communities and has helped to shape the way we think about information sharing

Blogging For The Money

Blogging for the wealthy, blogging just to make money these days, require that you have passion for the blog niche you plan to go into, it also requires you to be patient, if you are just a beginner in blogging

I will advise you not to think of making money yet, as earning for a new blog website are almost impossible, when you publish your blog, you have to be patient, start publishing high-quality content, start with blog topics and the niche of your choice

Focus on building authority around your blog niche, work on creating high valued content, be and remain consistent, find great reason to remain motivated, network with other bloggers, webmasters and keep learning and practicing with time earnings will start rolling in and you will love your blogging career

Blogging Is Not Dead When You Have SEO In Mind

Haven said it on this thread, I believe repetition is the mother of learning, it's important that you know that blog, and success in blogging goes along with effective SEO, so anything worth something is learning SEO

It may not be easy but will help your blogging career a lot, as a blogger is important that you learn SEO, SEO is something all bloggers need to know, or else you will end up hiring an SEO Professional, then spending a huge amount of money. So plan to learn SEO if you want to earn from blogging, SEO is a niche you must be passionate about.

Something like SEO, Onpage SEO, Off Page SEO ''Backlinks'' Content optimization, keyword research, etc is also important that you have a genuine interest in blogging or ease, you may join those saying blogging is dead.

LASTLY: To escape among those saying or asking if blogging is dead you need to Learn These Two niches. You need to learn these two things to get started with a successful blogging

1. How To Develop A WordPress OR Best How To Manage A WordPress Website Blog

2. Learn SEO: Get the SEO Course to learn the A to Z of SEO, Master Onpage SEO, OFF Page SEO, Technical SEO, Content Authoring, Keyword Research, and many more

Blogging is not dead my dear and is not dying any time soon, as long as a search engine still lives and people still use search engines, blogging and website blogs is not dying yet.

Though you need to learn SEO, you don't need to be a master of SEO, just a little knowledge of SEO will save you from failure in blogging, GET THE SEO Course HERE to learn everything about SEO, from beginning to mastering, and start raking your blog website, blog pages, posts and other people's website/blogs

Success in blogging goes with, Good website, good content, targeting good keywords, good rankings, targeted traffic, and many more, ALSO WATCH THE Video to this titled ''Is Blogging Dead'' Below. Cheers. Click here to Join World Forum Live all for 100% Free

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