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Important October 2023 Updates To Our WhatsApp Bulk Sender


To all using our Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application, and Whatsapp Mass Sender, please this is an important October 2023 Update

First, we have rebranded the interface, it is now a bit more advanced than what the previous interface looked like, see below what the new user interface looks like, as is more effective now when compared to the older version.


If you are an old customer, kindly use the purchase delivery link previously sent to you to access the latest update, just follow the link and download the zip folder titled (Download The October 2023 Whatsapp Mass Sender) see screenshot below


If you are a new customer and want to order, kindly follow this link (Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application) to make your order with the discounted ongoing promo price

Interesting to let you know that, this latest update took us over 3 months to achieve, the longest ever since the release of this Whatsapp marketing toolkit, we did make the whatsapp tool more effective for all our users globally, with 100% guaranteed you are going to love this version

Here Are Instruction For Installation

i) If you have previously installed our WhatsApp App kit "Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application" "Whatsapp Mass Sender". Just as I said early, this is an entirely new interfaced version so you will need to uninstall the previous version from your computer system and then proceed to install the new one

Once you have uninstalled it, the next is to proceed to the October Update Folder, you must have downloaded it from your purchase delivery link and installed the latest version. Just click on the file name #Setup inside the folder name (AppHere) and follow the prompts. Also watch the short video attached to the post thread. See Videos at the last paragraph here

ii) If this is your first installation, please use the file #Setup, found inside the folder name (AppHere) for your new installation and follow the pop instruction, read the previous version guide before starting your installation. You will find this welcome guide on the downloaded link, sent to your email

If you installed the previous version, any of the old version, you will need to uninstall the old version, and proceed to install the new Version, using the #Setup file, follow the prompt and you are 100% good to go. Enjoy

For more on-hand support, please get back to us live on the Whatsapp Support line at +23480 6860 8490. You are free to Call or Send Us an SMS as well, or contact us on Telegram and don't forget to get a copy of the Whatsapp Bulk Sender Application Here and start enjoying this great whatsapp tool, get inline our Cold Whatsapp Marketing Course and Thank me latter

Thanks for your purchase, Thanks a lot for being our customer as we proceed to releasing more incentive, helping your build your business and increase your income x40, make more sales and profits