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How To Make 1000 Dollars Monthly Offering Guest Posts



In this post, you will discover smart but easy ways ''How To Make 1000 Dollars Monthly Offering Guest Posts'' to the online community worldwide

But First: Before we proceed in this thread, know that this thread post and video is never a get money-quick hype, this is a legit way to make money and make a living for serious-minded people

It involves the process of you building a long-term business model that involves investing in learning, practicing, investing your hard-earned money, working smart, working hard, being patient

And more importantly, being good in writing, copywriting, guest post writing, link building, internet marketing, and Guest Posts Promotions across the internet

That is what this post ''How To Make 1000 Dollars Monthly Offering Guest Posts'' is all about.

Haven told you what the post thread is all about, that is never about ''Get Money Quickly Hype'', but about investing your time, money, and brain into building a long-time business.

You can make a good amount of money offering guest posts, though is not that so easy to set up. No business model is easy, you have to learn to put in the hard work for this model of business to work for you

When done right ''this site will be capable of making you over 1000 dollars monthly if you get the ins and outright'', you will smile for a very long time.

To make money offering guest posts requires the following

  • 1) An Age Domain name or Expired Domain name. Being a (website name) with possible above DA30+
  • 2) You need to host your website and set it up
  • 3) You need to distribute your guest post website URL to targeted audiences

To take you through the step-by-step process on how to get the above basic requirement. You don't need to worry about them just pay attention to what am saying here

While it's important you understand this business model requires you to be creative in the guest post niche market you are targeting

Because sometimes you will end up being the one writing this guest post for your client, in other words, you have to charge them extra for both writing and posting the guest post on your site

This method works like charm, but you have to be good at writing, you need to have good or basic knowledge of the niche area you're targeting

You also need to focus on writing and accepting high-quality content in other to keep the authority of your website high.

Making money online has always been practical, first, you must invest in learning, just as you are reading this thread and watching the associated video clips. You also need to take action in practicing

So now let's continue by breaking down the requirement process to make a cool amount of money from a guest post, starting with you acquiring an age domain name or an expired website name with good metrics

How To Make 1000 Dollars Monthly Offering Guest Posts.jpg

The Important Of Your Guest Post Domain Name ( website name)

Making money with this model involves you buying an aged domain, an aged domain can also be an expired domain, so it's too important that you start with an aged domain when compared to starting with a freshly registered domain with zero metrics

The most important check is for you to make sure the age domain (website name) has decent metrics because you are going to use it to set up your guest post website/blog and start offering Guest Posts right on the site. Hope you got the point

Now is important when you are getting an aged domain or an expired domain, is important that the domain have decent metrics with a rating from DA30+

A domain with a decent amount of backlinks, clean history, low spam count, etc the price for such a domain name may go from $300 TO $2000 United States dollars depending

The prices are always high because the domain is an aged domain, but if you find such metrics in an expired domain you may get it at a cheaper price

This is one reason I said early that making money with this model involved you investing your hard earn money first and one place you will invest your money is on getting an aged domain

Then Hosting The Website

So you have to invest in getting a domain name, then hosting the website or hiring a professional website developer to setup both hosting of the website and the developmental process involved in putting your guest post site up and running

Once your guest post website is up and running, you are good to go, that takes us to another stage of this thread (how to make 1000 dollars monthly offering guest posts) Next Is Niche Selection For Your Guest Posts

Choosing And Ever Green Niche

Once you have gotten a domain name, the next is to choose an ever-green niche for your guest post site, an ever-green niche targeted market like, Pets, Dogs, Cats, Travel, Health, Tech, Make Money Online, etc. those are evergreen niche because they are bigger niche industries and more importantly profitable

Again it's easy to find potentials, clients, to sell guest posts to any of those niches

So when buying an aged domain and setting up your website, is important that you have selected a niche, be it from the evergreen niche industries or any niche market of your choice. Just make sure you select a niche you can hold on to

Then proceed to create a high-quality and decent amount of content for your website, then do some basic keyword research and try to rank your guest post website on relevant keywords related to your niche.

Once you have done the above. Your next step is to start Finding Clients (Customers) and this is where the money roll in. stay tuned to this post

Start Finding Customers (This Is The Money Heist)

When you have gotten a domain, chosen a niche, and set up your guest post: You now have to start finding customers and this can be done faster

First start visiting the seller's marketplace, forum, affiliate platform, etc to contact sellers on most of those platforms. Over there you just have to reach out to them using cold marketing and best introduce your guest post platform to them. Let them know you offer a guest post

Most of them are already familiar with a guest post, they know the importance and what most of them will do is simple. they will first check the metric of your website Authority.

Hope you now see why I said early you should get a good website with Good metrics and authority from DA30+. Once your website has good metrics and decent authority majority of these sellers you contact will end up becoming your customers

Another way to get massive customers (clients) for your guest post offer, is simply by contacting guest post SEO sellers, most of these sellers have a list of guest post sites

So contact them and asked them to add your website (URL) to their database lists. Apart from that. You can also join various Facebook groups of Buy/ Sell SEO, Backlinks, Guest Post, etc, and try to engage with members of those groups


You can as well reach out to other sites in your niche not offering guest posts and offer them paid guest post opportunities on your site. Most of them will buy for it because of the same niche which will give their platform more valued backlinks and

Lastly, there are many Guest Posting Sites, Blog Directories, Classified Directories, Business listing Directories website Databases where you can add your website and drive high traffic from people around the world in need of your guest post offers

When you do the above correctly and consistently, I assure you in just a few months you will start earning, from 0 to 100 dollars to 500 and 1000+ dollars monthly earning, This method is 100% sure and legit

Hope you enjoyed this thread. now Sign Up to Worldfprumlive and also check out the Marketplace. read more threads here to stay connected

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