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How To Get Good Backlinks



There are various ways to get good backlinks, in this thread, I will focus on the best of the very best ways to get good backlinks to your website

By the word ''best'', I mean everything good backlinks have to offer when it comes to your website reputation, domain name authority, google indexing, and ranking of your website

Everything I'm about to say here is 100% whitehat Backlinks SEO methods, so this thread will be great for those wanting to rank their website, and for those asking how to get good backlinks as I have, provides solutions to those requests

You will also understand what good backlinks are, understand domain authority ''DA'' and website page authority ''PA'', the best ways to drive traffic from your backlinks, and referring domains

There Is Not About Spammy Backlinks

While looking for backlinks, its important that you avoid anything spammy, shady methods of getting backlinks using blackhat methods and more, getting backlinks from bad traffic, sketchy referring domains and click bath, etc are things you should avoid


There are various ways to get backlinks, but here am going to give you just two legit and interesting ways to get good and quality backlinks for your website

So now let me proceed in explaining both and how easy you can gain access to them and start building quality backlinks

1: Getting Backlinks By Publishing Helpful Contents:

This is simple the process for you as a webmaster, website owner, blogger, SEO Expert, Youtuber, etc who want to get backlinks for his or her platform to simply focus on creating high end-quality content

This type of content is what Google calls 'Helpful Content' in other words, a type of content that is helpful to humans who search through search engines portal daily to get answers or solutions to their queries

Here is the magic, which we recommend and rate as the number one best way to get backlinks without stress, is to always publish 'Helpful Content' in other words publish good content

When you start publishing helpful content, organically Google, bings, etc will rank you higher, people will read your content because your contents are helpful content, and ten, hundred to thousands of people will reference your website, youtube, etc on their platform or share among their users, followers on social media and this will get you backlinks

How To Get Good Backlinks.jpg

So to start getting good backlinks, hope you already know what to start doing ''Always write and publish high-quality content, a type of content that solves human problems''

2: How To Get Good Backlinks Is By Getting the Backlinks Ranker Kit Tool
When it comes to SEO and backlinks, there are various legit tools you may also need, these tools are not harmful but will be greatly helpful to you. One such tool is Backlinks Ranker Kit and you get easily get the Backlinker SEO tool here.

Below Is What The Backlinks Ranker Kit Tools Covers
This SEO Backlinks tool ''Backlinks Ranker Kit'' comes with over 8200+ websites you can get backlinks from by simple submitting your website, blog, youtube, etc

With this tool alone, you can get backlinks from Edu website, Press release websites, Guest blogging, Business listing websites, Forum Submissions/Signature, Social bookmarking websites, Article submission websites, questions and Answer websites, Web 2.0, Job posting websites, Podcasting submission, Classified listing portals

Backlinks rankers kits give you more access to submit your website to other websites as we have listed above, not ending there you can also submit your website and keep getting backlinks from

RSS feed submission, PPT, PDF submissions, Event submission, Infographic submission, Video submission, Image submission, Directory links submission, SEO Audit websites, Rough Draft links, and many more

Now Watch This Video How To Get Good Backlinks

More On How To Get Good Backlinks

Another good news is that getting backlinks for your website etc is not as difficult as you think, for example. is easy to get backlinks when you are focused on getting backlinks from

  • >>> Content based now refer to helpful contents
  • >>> Backlinks from an authority website in the same niche you are targeting, you can see niche websites listed in the Backlinks Ranker Kit
  • >>> Getting backlinks from high page and domain rankings
  • >>> Getting backlinks placed on pages that have actual, real visitors and engaging users

While I recommend taking your backlinks journey easy by focusing on creating helpful content, this type of content will organically attract backlinks for you as most of them will love to link back to you as a source

Lastly For Those Who Don't Know What We Mean By Backlinks

Backlinks are links you get from other websites to your website, youtube channel, mobile app, etc, it's previously one factor that increases the ranking of websites across search engines.

So in layman's language, Let's say backlinks are links from another website that points back to your website, hope you get the point now. Also, Backlinks are mostly an indicator of trustworthiness and value.

Hope this thread ''how to get good backlinks'' is helpful, I can hear you say 'YES' now we need your help, help us to keep growing the forum organically by signing up here. If you already have an account with Worldforumlive, please kindly login with your account here and join the discussion
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