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Google AUGUST 2023 Core Update



Google Has released August 2023 Core Updates Here Are Important Things You Need To Know and Also To Keep Your Website Safe

Hey all, Google has just released its August 2023 Core Updates, I have covered all that you need to know, to keep your website safe from ranking, as well as to keep ranking across SERPs in your targeted keywords

Is normal for Google to release updates in months such as this ongoing August 2023 core updates which have been on for about 3 days now, started on 23rd August 2023 with more days to full release

If you are a webmaster, website owner, blogger, publisher, YouTuber, content creator, or an SEO Agency, you have nothing to fear or worry about this ongoing Google August 2023 update

As long as you have watched our Technical SEO Course, you have gotten the Off Page SEO Course and have optimized the Onpage SEO of your website the right way. Then you have nothing to worry about this Google August 2023 core updates affecting your website ranking

Google AUGUST 2023 Core Update, worldsocio.PNG

This Google core update is indeed a welcome development for all websites with proper SEO optimization and you can follow the Google August core update thread live on Google Profile on Twitter X using the below link
Or follow the Google August 2023 Core Updates live from the Google web blog using the this link. The update is still rolling out and expected to last for about 2 weeks.

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