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5 Reasons To Learn React In 2023


Here are 5 reasons to learn react in 2023. Understanding that, in the current technological landscape, being able to code is an immensely valuable skill, among the top-paying jobs today are programmers fall among the top 10

Yes, there are various programming languages available, and React is one of the most popular, not just popular. React is simple a JavaScript library for building users interface (UI) used to make painless interactive UIs

In this thread, you will discover 5 reasons why you should learn React in 2023, starting with

1: React Is a Simple Prerequisite

If you don't have development experience, you can still start learning React after a week, you only need to learn the following before you get into it

  • i) HTML/CSS. Learn and practice HTML and CSS for 4 days or more
  • ii) JavaScript. then proceed in learning basic JS and more

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2: Universal

You can use React to build web applications Whereas you can use React Native to build cross-platform mobile applications as well. Both React and React Native use JSX. you can easily learn React Native to build mobile apps if you know React

3: React Documentation

React documentation is one of the best learning resources on the internet, it is very simple and provided resources to learn React from beginner to advance level. Other than this, there are countless React courses on the internet that you can use to learn React from basic to advance, then move to master it and become proficient in it. Most of this documentation is even free across the internet

4: Pay Scale

There are thousands of jobs in the world that demands React skills, according to Glassdoor, a React developer makes an average of $99,987 annually or more, so is a good paying skillset

5: Top Companies Use React

Facebook create React and the good news is. React is being used by many other companies like Tesla, New York Times, Netflix, Amazon, Airbnb, Pinterest, Wix, Discord, and many more, We NL SOFT Owners of World Forum Live are also working on a social media platform using React for the mobile UI

So if you know how to code in React, you will get an edge when applying to these companies, including the new face of Twitter under Elon Musk

Furthermore, React is a JavaScript library, so if you know JS, you already have a head start. Just as I told you, is a good programming language I advise you to learn. It's used by major companies like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, The New York Times, and more

React is declarative, efficient, and flexible. React is easy to learn because it is component-based. Components are small, reusable pieces of code that can be composed to build larger UIs. Hope you enjoyed reading this article thread the 5 reasons to learn react in 2023

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