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4 Biggest Digital Marketing Challenge

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Are you into digital marketing, internet marketing, ecomm, content creation, and affiliate marketing? Is your business running on the internet here are the 4 Biggest Digital Marketing Challenges of the year

But before we proceed on this thread about the ''4 biggest digital marketing challenges'', I want you to know that Marketing in 2023 is now harder than ever. Should you want the year to work for you and your online business, then consider increasing your marketing 3x more throughout this year

To gain success, you have to work 3x more than whatever you have been doing previously. While the gain will still be amazing, you just have to put in more work into marketing, so ecomm will work for you this year. Irrespective of your niche

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Back to our thread topic 4 Biggest Digital Marketing Challenge If you had to pick marketing strategies for your online business in 2023, you may consider starting with the following

1. You Have To Go Harder On Profitable Paid Traffic​
2. You Have To Optimize Your Website To Gain More Organic traffic (SEO)​
3. Your Have To Consistently Capture emails (Leads Building)​
4. You Have To Keep Leveraging Cold Marketing Across All Platforms Best Known To You. All these are things you should be doing this year to avoid the biggest digital marketing challenge​

As I said early, the year is hard already, the economic crisis across the world is huge, its already a big time hard time for many business and indivituals across the world, that the rates of sales are declining. You will need to work 3x more to gain success this year.

You as a digital marketer need to invest more on profitable paid traffic, you will need to use paid traffics across Google AdWord, Google AdMob, Web 2.0s, Social Media paid Ads, forum ads listing, influencers, leveraging affiliate programmers and more

You will need to work 3x more on getting organic traffics, ranking your website and articles across Google SERP, Bing search, and every other search directories

As long your business is online, you need SEO, you need organic traffic more than you need any other things, you need to work on the SEO of your website very well, by either learning Onpage SEO, Off Page SEO, and Technical SEO, using topical blogging, topical web blogging to rank several keywords on your portal or best hiring an SEO Professional to get the work done for you

Not ending there, You also need to keep building leads, and capturing emails across your website and social channels, then leveraging cold marketing to build hundreds to thousands of hot leads weekly

All these are things you need to be doing 3x more should you want this year to work for you, beat the digital marketing challenges, improve on your general internet marketing, grow your affiliate marketing programmers, sale more of your ecomm products or services

REMEMBER: You need to work 3x more this year. It's a hard year for marketing, for digital marketing so you need to go 3x harder. Sign Up to WorldforumLIVE and view more Forum Thread Here. Cheers
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