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3 Simple Ways To Make Money From Blogging



The year 2023 has started disruptively as the AI model tries to shape the Online business, almost every core tech person where afraid, and some bloggers quit blogging as Google and Bings came back battling their unfinished battle to who wins the Search SERPs

The battle not just with Google and Bings, OpenAI ChatGPT,, Voice AI By Elon Musk, China Government AI Model, AI model, and more were all on the battle to who will win the next phase, the predicted feature of technology powered by AI

I was also layoff from Google workplace together with over 72,000 people globally, the founders of Google were forced to retire, and people invested billions of United States Dollars into the AI model, It was so hell and confusing to say, what is the faith of online business

Bloggers were quitting blogging, publishers were scared and new people who had an interest in blogging were asked never to try it as blogging is no longer profitable. They even said is dead

Make Money From Blogging.jpg

By last year I predicted that the year 2023 is going to be disruptive, but never did I know it will dawn on me, right now most people believe that blogging is dead, just as many say that SEO is dead

Others even say that email marketing is dead, for the first time in my life being a tech person, I became so fearful, depressed, and worried. The AI Model seems to be doing more harm than good

Over the 10+ years plus, I have built my career around tech, hundred to thousands of people globally have benefited from me and now most of these people will lose their job and, most also will lose their earnings. Mind you I was not left out

It was indeed a sad moment, but all hope is not lost as blogging today is more profitable, SEO is not dead, and Email marketing is much-converting and is not dead either

Online business things are becoming more interesting, Just know your way, find out how to beat the AI model, index the system and you will smile to the bank. Big Time

While all these were happening, I took over two weeks to study the new tech model, being the AI Feature of tech industries. Happily, in the end, I discovered that nothing is new, the model of online business as of now remains the same but with slight changes and highly competitive

In other words, if what you have been doing as a tech person takes you 8 hours daily, you now have to pay more attention to results and work on what will get you better results and earnings

As then, I welcome the AI tech model, while this thread is all about the 3 simple ways to make money from blogging, if you are a blogger or have a money website, Please pay good attention to what am about to say here and stop being worried about the AI Model taking or disrupting your online business.

Also by the word ''money site'', I simply mean, if you have a website that makes you money, not just traditional blogging, I created this thread for you, please pay attention to all am about to say here, So let go

The 3 Simple Ways To Make Money From Blogging

First: know that there are various ways to make money from blogging legitimately, while this thread is focusing on just 3 ways a blogger and website owner can make cool cash. Please know that blogging is much alive even with the AI Model disruption, you can still build a 7 figure blog model

As I told you earlier, nothing has changed much, yes there are slight improvements and different changes here and there, but when it comes to making money from blogging. Everything looks as it was years ago. LOL

So you may ask, how can you make money from blogging what has changed with this AI model, as I told you early, Nothing HAS changed, to make money from blogging

Now What Should You Do Make Money From Blogging

You just have to build a niche blog, then monetize your blog with any of the following

1: Ads. It can be signing up to ads networks like (AdSense)
2: Affiliation. You can signup as an affiliate marketer and start promoting other people or company products or services on your blog or website
3: Selling Products. You can create your Digital products or non-digital product and start selling them right on your blog

By doing any of the above lists, you can make money from blogging. While there are other ways to make money from blogging, such as

4: Subscription.
5: Coaching.
But let's focus on just 3 ways to make money from blogging if you are starting new. You won't make the mistake of trying to leverage all the monetized methods, just focus on one or two and scale up later

Where a lot of bloggers get it all wrong, earning from blogs still goes with one choosing a niche, or subsite niche, then professionally setting off their blog site. You as a blogger have to gather keywords, or high an SEO professional to gather keywords for you, cos is faster earning from blogging, publisher related keyword centered post, or articles

You also need to work on your blog tiles, with a good niche title and practice topical blogging, you can build a high-quality authority blog site, drive in targeted traffics to your blog portal

Being patient is also virtual to earning from blogging, then working on SEO ranking of your blog, and projecting to earning high. That is where most people (bloggers) get it wrong. So if you can get the above right, you will make and keep making cool cash from your blog website

So if you are among bloggers, or you want to key in a career in blogging, but you are afraid of getting started, because you heard, blogging is dead, blogging is no longer profitable, Oh so sorry for such is false

Yes, these people saying that blogging is dead may be right or wrong base on their experiences, but when professionally looked on. Blogging is not dead, blogging is much alive

That making money from blogging is neither dead, but you have to come out full-fledged, and have good plans to grow your blog portal with what is working today

Then and allow time to bless you. My name is Mbonu Watson. Sign Up To for more incentives, and see the Marketplace. Get a product or service to keep on serving you much better

Cheers and read more threads here. Hope you enjoyed this thread "3 simple ways to make money from blogging" Cheers once more