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12 Important Web Tools For Digital Marketing



Are you into digital marketing, you may find these 12 important web tools for digital marketing very useful as well, most of them are "cost-effective"

Yes as a developer/digital marketer, I have been using these web tools for years now, and hope you will find some of them very useful and start using them to scale up your digital work

These are most tools some freelancers also use for their gigs, very useful for those planning on earning from Gigs economy. So the Number on my list is no other but Canva, which to date remains one of the best graphic designers AI Toolkit. So let's start with it

1:Canva: Use for today's various types of graphic work, you can learn more about this web tool when you visit their official website at, or best download their mobile application

2: Answerthepublic: Use for marketing and creating topical research work, is also one of the top-notch SEO-related topic research tools I can't afford to stop using

You can access the tool live from this tool is not just useful for SEO professionals, but ALSO useful for bloggers, and content creators. You can give this amazing tool a try and thank me later Use for Writing Assistant, I have been using them for more than 6 years now and am grateful for all their recent improvement so far

4: Use for a personal assistant, one of the simple and impressive toolkits you can give a try

5: Klaviyo: Use for Email/SMS marketing to the global world. Yes for both email and SMS automation authentication. You can find Klaviyo very useful

6:Typedream: For most of your website developing stream, very useful for website developers. Check out their official website Porat at for a quick in-try

7: Calendy: For a meeting, should you want to give them a try, do visit their official portal at and thank me later

8: Gumroad: Very useful for product managers, has won the hearts of millions of users all over the world

9: Very useful for Community Manager

10: For a Copywriter, when you hear content is the king, not just anyhow content but high-quality content. You can give a try. This is one of the improved copywriting AI tools you will be glad in

11: For customer support, effective support is everything great when it comes to digital marketing. Getting news customers daily is cool, but keeping these customers is one task your customer support can handle when they are effective. So try for all your customer's support services

12: For Automation activities, you can visit their official platform at to learn more and see how best you can get started automating your digital activities on ago

Lastly on my list is the bonus kit on this thread topic "12 Important Web Tools For Digital Marketing. being our fast-growing platform the WorldSocio.
13: World Socio: Yes our only Internet marketing forum and marketplace for the global world also deserves to make a list here. LOL.

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NOTE: Depending on your niche market, you may not find all the digital marketing toolkits listed on this thread useful, but can still find some selective ones VERY Useful

Kindly take your time to go through them one after the other, then learn more about each of these web toolkits, and get into action leveraging the necessary ones based on your niche market

Before now people like you and I were spending huge amounts of money on hearing professionals to do the work most of these listed tools are doing

Join with the AI possibilities, yes most of these platforms have also upgraded to full AI open-source and can help you fast-track your work. thereby helping you save up more time and money

You can also start using some of these tools to deliver digital marketing services/gigs and make more money for yourself and your business

It will be a win win win activity for you only when you learn a few of these tools and craft out ways for yourself in which you can make steady cash flow from them

I have been using almost all of them and still using them to date, even the graphic attached to this post was designed using Canva. That is how important almost all these toolkits are to me

Also, This content test was edited using Grammarly, I can go on and on, to prove to you that most of these tools are what I use for my digital

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